Love is an adventure, your wedding could be too.

There are so many reasons to choose a destination wedding. For some, it’s about returning to the land of your blood & bone. For others it’s an opportunity to share a love of travel and the adventure of a lifetime with family & friends. Or maybe, it's about letting go of tradition, doing it your way and planning the intimate elopement of your dreams. Whatever the reason, I can't wait to join you on this adventure. I'm not your ordinary photographer hoping to score a plane ticket—I'm a passionate explorer, a light-wrangling maestro, and a master at uncovering those mind-blowing hidden locations that'll leave you breathless.

Picture this: working with me means I dive headfirst into your destination, immerse myself in its vibrant culture and sneak a peek into the lives of the locals. I chase golden hour with borderline obsession, even if it means waking up before the sun with jet lag. I'm not afraid to get muddy, climb the tallest hill, ride through choppy seas, or brave (a few) bugs to find that perfect photo location. Why? Because I want your wedding album to be more than just pretty pictures. I want it to be an intimate love letter to the place you've chosen, capturing the heart and soul of your destination in every shot.

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Kotor, Montenegro

Mexico City, Mexico

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Las Terrenas, Dominican Rep.

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