At the intersection of art & appetite Simkova Studios food photography weaves an immersive narrative that captures the art of culinary craftsmanship and beckons connoisseurs and casual diners alike. From capturing the vibrant hues of farm-fresh ingredients, to the artful swirls of signature plating techniques, or architectural details that define the character of a restaurant, our obsession with dining and food culture oozes from each mouth-watering frame.

An Irresistible Invitation to your table...


From the first launch of OG Chicken, Simkova Studios has had the honour of documenting the growth of Craig Wong's celebrated Jamaican Toronto restaurant, Patois, in all its iterations.

Jackpot Chicken

Led by celebrity chef Craig Wong, Jackpot Chicken was an homage to the food Wong grew up eating at home and his travels through Singapore.

Brandon Olsen

Celebrated Toronto chef & chocolatier Brandon Olsen invited us to document his creative signature chocolate process for Eatable Films.

Scott Vivian

We joined Scott at his restaurant, Beast to document his contribution to Eatable Films, a Toronto Food Film festival where his signature meatball whet the appetites of movie-goers between films.

To launch their new brunch menu we joined the staff at Local Public Eatery locations around Toronto to showcase their new menu and feature the warm, fun-loving and connected atmosphere of their locations.

Local Public Eatery

With multiple locations in Las Terrenas, the Mosquito group features beach bars, a hotel and multiple restaurants serving fresh local fare and cocktails from a post-surf breakfast until the last salsa dancer stops spinning in the wee hours of the morning.


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