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Barb Simkova is a Toronto-based photographer specializing in portraiture, travel, food and fashion photography. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Coveteur, ELLE Canada, Toronto Life, Wedding Bells, Dauphine Magazine and more. Her work has taken her to historic sites through Europe, around North America and Central America from as far North as Baffin Island and South to the brilliant beaches and misty mountains of Colombia.

Jackpot Chicken Rice

February 22, 2019


Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

The closing of Jackpot Chicken Rice cut close to my heart.

It was within its colourful interior that I first learned about Singapore Style Chicken Rice. It was a dish that surprised me not for how different it was but how it could remind me of the flavours of my Easter European childhood.

Tender chicken was paired with deeply flavourful rice cooked from chicken broth. Light, fluffy, kefir-broccoli tempura was the vegetable’s best incarnation. Shrimp chips were paired with a sweet and salty peanut sauce that left me licking the dish.

Some of these menu items live on at Craig Wong’s Patois on Dundas Street, but I will always miss the days when a taste of Singapore reminded me of a taste of home on Spadina Street.

Select images from this shoot have been featured by The Ritz Carlton, Foodism, & Air Canada’s Best Restaurants 2017